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  • Duration : 8 nights
  • No of Persons : 1
  • Location : Mimongo, Ngounie
  • Meals :
  • Accomodation :
  • Country : Gabon
  • Price Adult: £4,750
    Price Child: £0

Holiday Details

Live with the Baka people and relax in Turtle Bay


Libreville (1 night)


Day 1: Arrival in Libreville

Airport welcome and transfer to the Radisson Hotel. Dinner and overnight.


Immersion with the Baka people (4 nights)


Day 2: Libreville - Mouila

The transfer from Libreville to Mouila will be by car and will take 10 hours. Full board day


Day 3 to 5: Diyanga (Immersion with Baka people)

Early morning, transfer to Diyanga village (2 hours).

This trip will take you to the Diyanga Village in the dense Equatorial Forest with ample opportunities to sight a variety of animals and meet the native forest people: the Pygmies, who are Gabon's first inhabitants. This is an itinerary that combines adventure, scenery, discovery, hiking and culture. Journeying through this community leaves guests with an appreciation for the lives of the Baka ancestors.

The Baka people are legendary. They excel in tracking animals; imitating their sounds in order to attract and hunt them. They are also renowned for their pharmacopoeia, a result of their foraging way of life. An immersive experience with this community is considered a sacred journey, for in learning their ways, you get to know yourself better. Visiting guests will sleep under huts or in mud houses with no electricity. Lights are provided from petrol lamps and guests will clean and bath in the local safe river.

Beyond the cultural immersion, Diyanga and its neighbouring villages provide other activities and attractions such as wildlife sightings (gorillas, elephants, mandrills, chimpanzees and many others), traditional dance vigil, raffia weaving, crossbow hunting, visiting caves, etc.


Day 6: Mouila to Libreville

Transfer from Mouila to Libreville. Full board day.


Turtle Bay in Pongara National Park (2 nights)


Day 7 and 8: Turtle bay

After your forest-village experience, three days of total relaxation await. You will be transferred to Turtle Bay resort, with its immaculate beach and pool, an array of beach games and many other modern amenities.


Day 9: Turtle bay -  Libreville - Departure home

Return to Libreville in the afternoon and transfer to hotel. Dinner followed by transfer to the airport for flight home.


NOTE: Price quoted is per person in single occupancy. Price per couple is £5,720.00. Price for 2 persons is £3,420.00 per person. Price for 3 persons or more is £3,100.00 per person.

Holiday Includes



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